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14 Mar Leadership begins with the right attitude

Leadership begins with the right attitude! Have you noticed that leaders think and perceive the world differently from their followers? A good leader understands that “attitude will contribute to the success or failure of the organization”.  In my 43 years of leadership within faith-based organisations...

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06 Mar Who is sabotaging your ministry / leadership?

I recently prepared a leadership lesson on “insecure leaders”.  Since the training was for church leaders, I used the Bible story of the landowner and his vineyard workers in Matthew 20:1-16. The attitude that the vineyard workers exhibited is an excellent reflection of what happens when...

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28 Fév Volunteerism or service?

I recently spoke with someone who wanted to volunteer in a faith-base organization.  As she reflected, she found herself in a conflict of values. As a university student, her definition of a volunteer is a person who “graciously involves herself in an organization for her...

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30 Jan From death to life!

This week, as I facilitated a mentoring session, the person started by saying, “I'm intolerant, angry, aggressive, I do not have a filter and I feel strange”. After listening to her story, we concluded that she had lived a traumatic work experience. Her supervisor, was...

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17 Jan

Mentoring – Shaping the world and ensuring a legacy! Mentoring is multi-generational.  Executive mentor, Bobb Biehl, makes the following quote in his book, “Mentoring – How to Find a Mentor and How to become One”.  “Mentoring is the relational glue that can bond our generation to...

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